Pharmaceutical Plant

Pharmaceutical Plant 1,200kWp Grid-Tied Solar System


Pharmaceutical Plant 1,200kWp Grid-Tied Solar System,

Our client is one of leading pharmaceutical companies in East Africa.

CP Solar delivered the full turnkey Solar PV project within the promised timeline to the client. Below are some highlights of our engineering on this project:

1. The solar PV system is apportioned to supply power to different segmented loads independently. The configuration comprises master and slave data loggers to enhance operation of the setup.

2. The solar PV system is synced with the client’s Diesel Generator, allowing the client to save on both daytime utility and fuel costs

3. Utilization of curved roof, flat roof and pitched roof for the solar panel installation.

4. The system configuration support free flow of power between two transformers at the 11kv busbar/RMU

Total Solar PV Capacity: 1,200 kWp

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Commissioning Date: December 2022

Solar Panels: Jinko

Inverters: Huawei

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