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Solar Power Generation

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    Benefits of CP Solar Power Generation

    As a high power consumer , you will benefit:

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    • Manufacturers
    • Tea Farms
    • Flower Farms
    • Lodges & Hotels
    • Hospitals
    • Quarries
    • Rental Developments
    • Institutions
    • Large Homes
    Cost Savings


    • On average, a payback period of between 4 to 6 years.
    • “Free solar power” for the life of the solar system (at least 25 years).
    • Over the last few years, the price of solar systems has reduced while KPLC rates have increased.
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    Cost Saving

    Tax Relief

    Government tax incentives mean 50% investment deduction.

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    Coast Saving

    Green Energy

    Our solar panels raise the bar for environmental responsibility.

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    Purchase Options


    Outright Purchase

    Client purchases the solar system as per CP Solar’s quotation, using Capital Expenditure


    Power Purchase Agreement

    In a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), CP Solar installs and runs the solar system and sells the power consumed by the client at a discount on KPLC rates.


    Pay As You Save

    CP Solar leverages relationships with different lending institutions to offer our clients green financing at a competitive interest rate, allowing you to repay the loan from the monthly savings generated by the solar system.

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    Materials Specifications & Warranties

    We take pride in the quality of workmanship and components in all
    our installations then begin the materials list

    • SunPower Panels: SunPower, CP Solar is the exclusive Kenyan distributor for SunPower Solar Panels a US quoted company, offers a 25 year product and performance warranty, and is number one ranked in the world by Silicon Valley for efficiency.
    • Inverters: We offer either:

      Huawei: Made in China, with a 10 year warranty an option to extend further for up to 20 years at a nominal charge

      SMA Made in Germany, with 5 year warranty and option to renew for a further 20 years thereafter at a nominal charge.
    • Data Logg System: Complete with Energy Metering System: provides remote monitoring, as well enables any energy that is produced by the Solar System to be consumed by the client preventing reversal of excess solar energy to the grid. This system will also be able to communicate to the BMS System, with the ability to set an automatic alarm to alert users to adverse variances in performance.
    • Mounting System: Lightweight, aluminum rails produced locally as per our mould design. Stainless steel E-jot screws, aluminum brackets and stainless steel panel bolts for a secure, weather proof, long lasting base.
    • DC Cables: 6mm solar cables to ensure optimal current flow and minimal losses.
    • AC Cables: Copper cables for secure connection and optimal electrical conduction
    • Panel Boards, AC Isolators & DC Isolators: All proudly sourced from local, reputable manufacturers.
    • AC Isolators & DC Isolators: for safety all imported from SMA Germany.
    • ABB Switch Gear and distribution board: Proudly sourced from local, reputable manufacturers
    • Walkways: We use UV-rated fibreglass reinforced walkways, and are provided on all our roof top installations for safe and controlled access during installation and maintenance
    • SMA Data Manager complete with Energy Metering System. This provides remote monitoring and enables all energy produced by the solar system to be consumed by the client.
    • Dedicated Maintenance Team to offer service to clients and reports on system performance.
    • Lightning Arrestor and Earthing System: All comprising copper components to ensure protection of the Solar system from lightening and power surges
    • Fuel Save/Hybrid: Controller (optional) is a device to run a diesel generator partially on solar, thereby saving on fuel.
    • Weather Station (optional) an all in one housing open communication protocol, to evaluate system performance.
    • Complete Turn Key Solar Project
    • Hybrid Controller (optional) is a device to run the generator partially on solar, thereby saving on fuel. | Learn more…

    Official Distributor


    CP Solar Resources is the official distributor for East Africa for SunPower Solar Panels, rated amongst the best worldwide for Solar efficiency. SunPower Solar Panels offer an industry leading warranty of 25 years on both product and performance

    Quality Inverters

    SMA logo Huawai Logo

    CP Solar Resources installs inverters from SMA and Huawei with up to 20 years warranty to ensure you enjoy continued solar power savings.

    Turnkey Solar Project

    – Full system design
    – Electrical layout planning
    – Solar panel layout to provide optimum system yield
    – Full system commissioning and inverter configuration
    – Fully insured technical installation team
    – Daily system monitoring post-commissioning


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