Solar Power Backup System

Solar Power Backup Systems in Kenya

What’s a solar power backup system and how does it work?

Use free solar power as your source for power backup!

A power backup system is a set-up to provide uninterrupted power supply for your household during a blackout from a stored energy source.

It’s a seamless switchover from your existing solar panels or generator to keep your power ON.

The solar panels generate power that will be stored in batteries to safely power your electrical household appliances in case of power outages.

It consists of:

  • solar panels/modules
  • charge controller
  • inverter/charger and
  • the battery bank

Solar pump systems use electricity generated by solar modules to pump water from underground water sources, such as boreholes and wells as well as reservoirs. The pumped water is then either directly fed to irrigation fields or stored in nearby water tanks.

The advantages of a solar power backup:

  • saves on electricity bills
  • environmentally friendly
  • energy storage = energy security
  • no noise pollution

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